Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Susan Page Davis is a native of central Maine . She and her husband, Jim, have six children and five grandchildren. Susan has many years of experience as a freelancer for a daily newspaper. Her books include eight historical novels, two children’s books, and several romantic suspense. With her daughter, Megan, she writes cozy mysteries. Her first romantic suspense book, Frasier Island , was chosen as the October selection for Books-A-Million’s Faithpoint Book Club. Her short historical romance, The Prisoner’s Wife, won its category in the 2007 Inspirational Readers’ Choice Contest.

Visit Susan’s website at: http://www.susanpagedavis.com/

Finding Marie

Marie Belanger knows nothing about the covert assignments her naval lieutenant husband goes on from time to time, but she’s pleased that their tour in Japan is at an end. Marie and Pierre Belanger can think about a Stateside posting and perhaps even starting a family. While Pierre wraps up his duties, Marie plans a brief visit to her family home in Maine.

But life turns upside down when Marie unexpectedly finds a computer flash drive in her carry-on luggage at the San Francisco airport. Moments earlier the woman she had been sitting with on the plane from Tokyo had been murdered. Suddenly her journey from California to Maine becomes a nightmare as Marie is forced to run for her life. Pierre , afraid for his wife, contacts his best friend. Lt. Commander George Hudson, and together they set out on a search for Marie that spans the country. Yet as hard as they try, they keep finding themselves one step behind their enemies, who are just one step behind Marie.

Finding Marie is a fast-paced romantic novel of faith, honor, and courage against a backdrop of danger, espionage, and international intrigue.