Monday, July 23, 2007

Eric Wilson is the author of Dark to Mortal Eyes, Expiration Date, and the first book in the Aramis Black series, The Best of Evil. He lives with his wife, Carolyn Rose, and their two daughters in Nashville , Tennessee . Visit him at


Eric Wilson returns with another sharp-edged thriller that will appeal to the rising generation of men and women on the fringes of faith.

In The Best of Evil, Aramis Black uncovered family secrets and historical conspiracies, hoping that his own dark past had come to certain resolution. But now, in A Shred of Truth, he finds his brother unconscious and tied to a statue in downtown Nashville with the initials AX carved into his back.

A shadow from his former life has reappeared, casting threats of violence and retribution. And soon the attacker is swinging his blade of self-righteous judgment directly at Aramis, challenging him to “face his sins.” Can Aramis finally break free from the guilt of his old ways, or will he succumb to the vengeance of an arrogant sociopath?

Aramis Black’s latest breathtaking adventure will lead readers to discover the resolve of true friends, the depths of family love, and the breadth of God’s forgiveness.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


SORMAG would like to invite you to our fifth online conference.

When: August 26 - Sept 1st
Where: Here - online
Price: FREE

Who can attend? EVERYONE
Tell your friends

Click To register:

Registration ends August 18th.

Tentative Schedule

DAY ONE – NEW WRITERS – August 26, 2007

Panel Discussion: Debut Writers

What to expect when you get the call?
What happens after the book hits the shelf?
What you wished you knew before becoming published?

Workshop: Basic Writing
Host: Dee Stewart

Workshop: Plotting

DAY TWO – ADVANCE WRITERS– August 27, 2007

Panel: Meet the Editor

Panel Discussion: Networking

LaShaunda C. Hoffman
Dyanne Davis
Shelia Goss
Nikki Arana

Workshop: Editing/Revision

Workshop: Synopsis

DAY THREE – READERS– August 28, 2007

Question/Answer Session

Panel: Meet the Romance Author

Panel: Meet the Christian Author

Nikki Arana

Panel: Meet the Mainstream Author

Panel: Meet the Erotica Author



Panel Discussion:
Inspirational Writing - CBA vs ABA:

Dee Stewart
Nikki Arana

What are the standards/restrictions?
Is it still inspiration if it has sex, divorce, addiction etc?
How much is too much?

Panel: Meet the Editor

Workshop: POV

Workshop: Tips on Pleasing an Editor
Host: Lyn Cote


Panel Discussion: Self Publishing

Why self publish?
Self publishing pros and cons

Shani Greene-Dowdell
Anna Dennis

Workshop: & the Digital Age of Self-Publishing
Host: Edwardo Jackson


Meet the Agent

Panel Discussion: Motivation

Dyanne Davis
Nikki Arana

Workshop: Submitting
Host: Dyanne Davis

Workshop: The Naked Writer
Host: G. Miki Hayden

Workshop: Query Letter
Host: Ann Clay

DAY SEVEN – PROMOTION – September 1, 2007

Panel Discussion: Why you need a publicist?

Panel Discussion: Marketing

LaShaunda C. Hoffman
Dyanne Davis
Shelia Goss
Dee Stewart

Door prizes are needed

Author's if you did not receive an invite, I don't have your email. Send an email to for more information.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Meisha Camm is twenty seven and currently lives in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia . She began writing in the year 2003. She is working on her third novel.


Mistress is a story about a woman named Alexis. She’s strong, feisty and has a good head on her shoulders. All throughout her childhood, her parents fought which at times got violent because of her father’s cheating ways. Her mother, Vivian accepted her father, Robert back almost every time.

When Alexis grows up, she meets a man named Jarrad Simmons, an executive producer who reluctantly fails to tell her that he is married. By the time, she does find out the devastating news Alexis is already in love with Jarrad. She has a choice to make stick it with Jarrad who claims to be in the process of getting a divorce or cut her losses short and find someone else who’s available one hundred percent.

You want to know what's funny? I truly believed in my heart and soul Jarrad was going to leave his wife for me. I watch Oprah and Maury daily. I should've known better. Each time he says, "Baby, I'm going to ask her for the divorce soon," I roll eyes and mumble to myself, "I'll believe that shit when I see it".

How to contact Meisha:

Mailing address is P.O. Box 41380
Norfolk VA 23541 (email)

http// (publisher's website address)

What would you like your readers to take away from your book?

I want my readers to take away from my book that whatever situations you may go through, you have the choice to stay or get out.

Summer is here, what fun activity do you do in the summer time?

I read a lot myself. It helps me to relax.

MEISHA is on tour all this week. Check her out on the rest of the tour.

Post a message to Meisha for a chance to win a SORMAG's Goody Bag

Monday, July 2, 2007


Eric Wilson - July 23rd

Stop by and meet these authors and read about their books.