Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dr. MABLE JOHN was the first female recording artist for Motown. She was the lead "Raelette" for Ray Charles from 1968-1976 and a solo artist for Stax/Volt. She's now an ordained minister with a doctorate in counseling. Dr. John is the co-author of Sanctified Blues with David Ritz. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN, Albertina Merci is back saving souls and soothing lives. After her good friend, the chef and proprietor of Mr. Mario's Downhome Cafe has a heart attack and then loses his wife to diabetes, Mr. Mario decides that his lifelong love of soul food has ruined his life and the lives of many of his customers (including Pastor Albertina's high-spirited tell-the-truth-and-shame-the-devil-friend Justine). He vows to go healthy, both personally and professionally and tries to get Albertina to go along for the ride, but what are his intentions really? Mister Mario is a frustrated Shakespearean actor with a romantic soul, but he's also a man of principal and believes in the power of man, not God. How will Albertina negotiate the advances of a man (and recent widower) who doesn't know the Lord?

At the same time, Albertina is also fending off the advances of Clifford Brown, a white jazz DJ, born Jewish, now a born-again Christian who's been a fan of Albertina's since she was a blues singer. As a new member of her church, Clifford always seems be on hand when Albertina needs him. As the friendship blossoms, just where will Albertina and Clifford wind up? Albertina looks at the men in her life and is forced to think about her previous husbands, the possibility of new love on the horizon, her son and his slick, high profile wife and her nephew's continual struggle with his holier than thou attitude--all while her precious and growing church, House of Trust, faces new challenges as the neighborhood begins to change and the people in the church rely increasingly on Pastor Merci.

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