Sunday, September 30, 2007

Carrie Turansky and her husband, Scott have been married for thirty years and live in central New Jersey. They are blessed with five great kids, a lovely daughter-in-law, and two adorable grandsons. Carrie homeschooled her children for many years, but she recently “graduated” and now has more time for writing and being involved in ministry with her husband. She teaches women’s Bible studies, speaks for women’s events, and enjoys reading, gardening, and walking around the lake near her home. Carrie and her family spent one year in Kenya as missionaries, giving them a passion for what God is doing around the world. Carrie is also the co-author of Wedded Bliss and Kiss the Bride and the author of Along Came Love. You may contact her through her website:


Vasthi Reyes Acosta is a native New Yorker,who resides in the Washington Heights/Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan with her husband and two teenaged children. She is excited about writing stories that bring a message of hope through Latino characters. She wants readers to find themselves reflected in her work and to learn about her heritage and her hope, God.


Gail Sattler and her husband Tim have been married for 29 years and live with two of their three sons who still remain at home along with their two dogs, a toad, and a lazy lizard named Draco, who is quite cuddly for a reptile. As well keeping busy with her writing, Gail is an active musican who plays piano at home and bass guitar (loud) for her church's worship team. Outside of church, she plays bass with a local Jazz band, and that's loud, too. She also enjoys knitting, and curling up with a hot coffee and a good book that someone else wrote. You're invited to visit Gail and see her travels, pets, quirks, and other books at her website at


Lynette Sowell is happily married to her husband, and they enjoy the three-ring circus of life with two teenagers and five cats. She has fond memories of the Big Apple from her college days as an art major, and thinks everyone should visit New York City at Christmas time at least once. She believes stories should take readers on an entertaining ride, and offer glimpses of God’s truth along the way. Lynette You can learn more about Lynette and her writing at

A Big Apple Christmas

By Vasthi Reyes Acosts, Gail Sattler, Lynette Sowell, Carrie Turansky

This collection of four heartwarming inspirational romance novellas captures the sights and sounds of Christmas in New York City. In Moonlight and Mistletoe by Carrie Turansky, Christmas plans are set askew when a schedule-bound professional organizer meets a free-spirited children's poet. In Shopping For Love by Gail Sattler, holiday bustle is the means two tourists try to use to get lost in the crowds. In Where the Love Light Gleams by Lynette Sowell, Christmas at Rockefeller Center puts a widow's dreams on center stage. In the Gifts from the Magi by Vasthi Reyes Acosta, Latino childhood sweethearts are reunited. Romance is in the air from Fifth Avenue to Chinatown, but can faith bring the love home?

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