Sunday, September 16, 2007


She sings the silent song of every woman’s heart. She keeps it real and says what every one else would only dare think. Author Kim Brooks’ powerful and provoking writing style and insight into the joy, pain, fun and frustration of single living distinguishes her as an unforgettable rising star as a fiction author. Kim Brooks is living example that patience and prayer are the keys to perfect peace. Kim shares her triumphant lessons learned and inspires women to live victorious through her written works. As a prolific author and motivational speaker, Kim Brooks reveals the hopes, dreams, choices and difficulties that weave the life tapestry of every single woman encounters.

In realization of her life long passion for writing, her debut novel: He’s Fine…But is He Saved? (Driven Enterprises, December 2004, ISBN 0-97603-900-1) is a touching and powerful journey addressing the growing complex needs of single African American women in America . Kim shares with passion, conviction and humor, the reality of God’s equipping power to live as a victorious single Christian. Detroit News (December 10, 2004,page 1H) lauded her book as “Terry McMillanlike novel with a Christian twist.”

Through the use of biblical principles and unfolding the intricate bonds of friendship, Michelle, Liz and Sandy, learn the importance of seeking Godly wisdom and knowledge in every relationship decision. Should I open the door again to a love once lost? How can I date and not fall into sexual temptation? Can I be single, celibate and satisfied?

These probing, honest life-changing issues unfold in Kim’s He’s Fine…But is He Saved? The novel encourages and empowers women to trust God with every area of their lives.

Kim is a member of American Christian Writers/ Detroit chapter and a graduate of Word of Faith Bible Training Center with a B.A. in English from Michigan State University . As a highly sought-after speaker and writer, Kim is committed to her personal testimony that young women have the ability and the responsibility to live emotionally healthy lives. Her novel demonstrates how women can live at peace with themselves while waiting on destiny to manifest their perfect love. Her inspiring message of faith, temperance and self-respect is demonstrated through her poetry, novels, raps, are restoring and encouraging women across the nation.

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JoyceMeyer said...

God bless you sister. Thank you for this blog. There arent too many uplifting and encouraging blogs online today but I like this one. I hope you dont mind me leaving you a comment. The world needs to hear more stuff by Joyce Meyer and Creflo Dollar and the like. God bless you!

Jen M.

Anonymous said...

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