Sunday, December 2, 2007

DEC BOOK TOUR - LaConnie Taylor-Jones

La Connie Taylor-Jones is embarking on an online book tour. Stop by and meet this debut author.

Tour Dates - Dec 10- 14th

Book: When I’m With You

Publisher: Genesis Press

ISBN-10: 1585712507;
ISBN-13: 978-1585712502

When your life has been terrorized by violence, how do you manage to go forward, looking over your shoulder at every turn? This is the daily question that haunts Caitlyn Thompson. She has been in hiding from an ex-boyfriend for three years, always careful not to slip up and allow him to find her again. Working for a neighborhood youth center, she has found her niche. This is something she believes in, having grown up in inner-city New Jersey herself. Submitting a grant request to a wealthy philanthropist foundation, Caitlyn is soon to meet the man who will make her want to stop running, want to trust and love again; Marcel Baptiste. It will take a will of iron and a courage she didn’t know she possessed to battle her fears and open up to the wealthy entrepreneur. But when violence comes knocking again, will she have the courage to face her biggest nightmare?

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