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Books always make the perfect gift. Here are a few suggestions to get you in the holiday shopping mood.

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Happily Even After

Marilynn Griffith

Steeple Hill Books



In her old group of friends, Tracey Blackman was All That, but in her husband's new church circle, she's Nothing Much. Especially if you ask Queen Elizabeth, her haughty and harried mother-in-law who keeps putting Jenny Craig coupons in her diaper bag. Everyone from the pastor's wife on down seems to have it all together, right down to their perfect marriages. Tracey can't relate. She's got the man, the baby and the house, but this ain't no fairy tale. Right about now she's just hoping to live happily...even after all the mess.


Reluctant Runaway

Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Waterbrook/Multnomah Publishing Group


Stolen Indian artifacts. . .

A murdered museum guard. . .

A missing wife and mom. . .

A baby in mortal danger. . .

Museum security expert Desiree Jacobs and FBI agent Tony Lucano scramble to unearth the horrifying secret that links every incident. The investigation thrusts them into the path of something dark and sinister--something that craves blood sacrifice.


Pride and Consequence

AlTonya Washington

Kimani Romance


Malik Badu epitomized the term Alpha Male-strong, outspoken, dominating...He was ruggedly sexy and gorgeous as sin which allowed him to get away with it. His wife Zakira was the only woman he desired and he never wanted her to see him as weak or incapable. When he's diagnosed with Cancer, Zakira is last to know. She's devastated over Malik's illness as well as his plans to cut her out of anything having to do with his condition.

Consequences of Malik's pride will have him fighting to save his life-life with the only woman he would ever love.


When I'm With You

LaConnie Taylor-Jones

Genesis Press



When your life has been terrorized by violence, how do you manage to go forward, looking over your shoulder at every turn? This is the daily question that haunts Caitlyn Thompson. She has been in hiding from an ex-boyfriend for three years, always careful not to slip up and allow him to find her again. Working for a neighborhood youth center, she has found her niche. This is something she believes in, having grown up in inner-city New Jersey herself. Submitting a grant request to a wealthy philanthropist foundation, Caitlyn is soon to meet the man who will make her want to stop running, want to trust and love again; Marcel Baptiste. It will take a will of iron and a courage she didn't know she possessed to battle her fears and open up to the wealthy entrepreneur. But when violence comes knocking again, will she have the courage to face her biggest nightmare?


Can These Bones Live? The miraculous story of a church that follows God's vision

Joshua A. McClure

Tate Publishing



Is time running out on many churches today? Does the alarming and depressing knell of church doors closing foreshadow the inevitable demise of the contemporary church? In his new book Can These Bones Live?, author Joshua A. McClure addresses the serious problem of the thousands of stagnant, declining, churches in North America. Pastor McClure writes with passion and verve in recounting the miraculous story of what can happen to any congregation willing to (re) discover its first love. With eloquence and unfettered conviction, McClure reminds his readers that today s church can once again be as vibrant, pulsating and energetic as the early church. Can These Bones Live? should be required reading. God's affirmative answer for today is, Yes! These bones can become living persons again.


A Love So Deep

Suzetta Perkins

Strebor Books/Simon & Schuster


A Love So Deep is about a widower, Graham, who has just lost the love of his life and finds new life in the form of a beautiful, sultry nightclub singer, Rita Long. However, there is a long line of people-Graham's two grown daughters, his best friend, and the lady at the church who do not want to see this relationship last. Rita brings baggage of her own in the form of an ex-husband and former NBA player, who is exploiting her for money.

Graham and Rita struggle to keep their relationship alive while everyone else wants it to fail.


The Enemy Between My Legs
Stephanie L. Jones

Stephanie L. Jones, LLC


The Enemy Between My Legs boldly tackles the subject of childhood sexual abuse - something that few people will openly discuss. The author unashamedly shares her story of battling the effects of over seven years of sexual abuse. This easy-to-read book helps readers connect the dots between childhood sexual abuse and the self-destructive behavior that can surface as a result, including alcoholism, drug dependency, promiscuity, teenage pregnancy, and low self-esteem. It is a powerful book that will help parents avert the abuse of their children, bring healing to victims and families, and help break the generational cycle of sexual abuse.


Girl, Naw!

Lacricia A. Peters

His Pen Publishing LLC



Antoinette Walker has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Those that know and respect her think she has it all; a wonderful husband, children that thrive in school, and a counseling practice that is growing by leaps and bounds. But when hidden things from her past begin to surface, they threaten to destroy everything Antoinette loves. Only God can give her the strength to continue to counsel other women, as she struggles with her own issues of forgiveness. Will her faith be strong enough to help her stand in the midst of opposition?


Wind Follower

Carole McDonnell

Juno Books



Although it is not entirely to her liking, grief-stricken Satha, a dark-skinned woman from a poor Theseni clan weds young Loic, the wealthy Doreni son of the king's First Captain. Loic, graced with ability to see into the hearts and minds of others, begins to help Satha overcome her sorrows. Despite coming from different tribes, they begin to forge a life together. But when Satha's own compassion is used against her and a treacherous enemy contrives to dishonor her in Loic's absence, Loic's love turns to anger and disgust. Embittered, Loic must still avenge his honor and Satha's and he sets out on a journey that brings despair as well as spiritual discovery. Battling him are the Arkhai, the spirits of the land who know his quest will lead him toward the God whom they have usurped. After his departure, Satha is kidnapped, sold into slavery and learns, first hand, how cruel the pioneering Angleni tribe can be. Both face great hardship, danger and anguish apart, but with the Creator's aid there remains hope they will be reunited and heal the love the world has torn asunder.


Christmas Heat

Devon Vaughn Archer

Kimani Romance


A season of miracles and second chances

Audrey Lamour was a successful artist and devoted mother, forever indebted to the heroic fireman who pulled her from a blaze twenty-five years ago on Christmas Day. She honored him by painting his portrait--never dreaming her picture would become a lifeline to love...

Conrad Pearson was driven to meet the woman whose emotional painting of his father seared his soul, even if it meant returning home to the Pacific Northwest, and painful memories. But Audrey's beauty, grace, and unforgettable kiss ignited the kind of sensual fire that made a man glad to be alive. Now he was ready to face all the ghosts of Christmas past to keep this angel in his arms forever.


Guilty of Love

Pat Simmons

Urban Books



Guilty of Love is part comedy, relationship, and genealogy, but its all inspirational from a Christian viewpoint. Every person is guilty of love when it comes to spouses, children, siblings, etc., we have a habit of overlooking their discretion.

Cheney Reynolds is trying to restore her life after making a bad decision. Parke Jamieson VI is a direct descendant of a Royal African tribe and arrogant doesn't begin to describe him, but eventually he becomes Cheney's prince. Then there is Mrs. Beatrice Tilley Beacon aka Grandma BB--the neighborhood terror to the dance-a-thon queen--and she's an eighty-year old something widow. Cheney's close friend, Imani, is definitely not what readers think she is, and Hallison and Malcolm. Readers are screaming for a sequel.


The Seduction of Mr. Bradley

Minnie E. Miller


Bill Bradley is bisexual. Some folks don't believe the lifestyle exists. To confuse matters further, Jina Cook, a beautiful, straight woman innocently falls in love with Bill. Despite a torrid love affair a moment of truth shoots it all to hell. Needless to say, it gets interesting.


One Holy Night

J. M. Hochstetler

Sheaf House Publishers


On this bleak Christmas Eve, what God has in mind is a miracle. As on that holy night so long ago, a baby will be born and laid in a manger--a baby who will bring forgiveness, reconcilliation, and healing to a family that has suffered heart-wrenching loss.



Neecey's Lullaby

Cris Burks

Harlem Moon



Growing up in Chicago in the 1950s, Neecey once felt that her world was perfect. She was loved and protected by her father, Jesse, and lived in relative comfort with her mother, Ruby, her grandmother, Ma 'Dear, and her siblings. But when Ruby and Jesse's marriage falls apart due to Jesse's cheating ways and Ruby's hot temper, the children are eventually abandoned by their father and end up living in poverty in a housing project.

Ruby plunges into depression and anger, yelling at and hitting her children without warning. Ruby brings shiftless suitors into her home and gives them her body and her time, leaving Neecey to learn on her own how to cook and care for her five younger siblings, some mere babies. Yet despite the trauma, Neecey's love for her sisters and brother, and ultimately herself, helps her find the inner strength to succeed.


Across Time: Mystery of the

Great Sphinx
O. J. Harp III, Ph.D.

Llumnia Press



The novel is a sci-fi story that bridges the ages, expertly pulling you into the diverse realms of the future as well as the distant past. It's filled with mysticism, magic, future technology, and the history and lore of ancient Egypt (Kemet), with its spells, Pharaohs and pyramids.


Business Unusual

Linda F. Beed

On Assignment

Business Unusual is a Contemporary Christian fiction novel that reaches beyond the superficial in order to deal with the heart of matters. Unbeknownst to them, the lives of five people cross at a very crucial time.

Bernadette Lewis' business endeavor is more than just a financial blessing. For Treva Scott, Falimah Meyer and Brian Chin, it will become the ministry that shapes their futures. In terms of Hayes Davis, his skewed views of women and life will be challenged beyond anything he could ever anticipate when he seeks the companionship of Bernadette.

Each individual is faced with a choice and that choice will determine if they will walk the ordained path to fulfilling purpose or detour down the road of self-satisfaction.


The Other Daughter:
A Novel

Miralee Ferrell

Kregel Publications

Susanne Carson's well-ordered family life is thrown into devastating chaos when Brianna, a young teen, appears on her doorstep, claiming to be the daughter of Susanne's husband, David. The revelation of David's apparent betrayal adds strain to an already fragile marriage. Will this shocking discovery drive the family apart, or will it draw them closer to God?


Diary of a Woman Pastor: One Woman's Marvelous, Sometimes Painful, Sometimes Downrigth Humorous Journey to Rediscovering God's Purpose

Sheritha Bowman

Xulon Press

Sheritha Bowman is a playwright, publisher, entrepreneur and former pastor. She is the founder of the Soul Inspiration Theatre Company through which she has written and directed the Gospel plays, The ME Nobody Knows and How Hannah Got Her Groove Back!

She is the author of Soul Inspiration for Women Married to Unbelievers an account of her encouraging testimony which has been featured in ESSENCE magazine, conferences and radio stations across the country.

She lives in Maryland with her family where she is happily laboring in her God ordained purpose.


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