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Watercolored Pearls

By Stacy Hawkins Adams


ISBN-10: 0800731689
ISBN-13: 978-0800731687

Serena, Erika, Tawana: Three women at different places in life lurk at the same crossroads -looking to God and each other for answers on how to find beauty in themselves and in their journeys. A page-turning story of how God can use life's shameful and less-than-perfect circumstances to create something beautiful.


Blessed Assurance

by Lyn Cote

Avon Inspire
ISBN-10: 0061349941

In Whispers of Love, Civil War widow Jessie Wagstaff must fend for herself and her son. When a stranger, Lee Smith, befriends Jessie's son, even though she recognizes nine-year-old Linc's need for a father figure, she's reluctant to let a new man into their life. When the Great Chicago Fire blazes, every heart is pushed to its limits.

In Lost In His Love, Jessie's son Linc, a social activist and reporter, charms his way through the upper class of San Francisco to build much-needed support for his fight against child labor. His main target is Cecilia Jackson, a beautiful heiress who doesn't recognize the crucial part she plays in this dangerous exploitation. As the secrets of her family's dark past are exposed, Cecilia must revive her own wounded spirit and find the strength to lean on the never-failing love of Christ. But when the 1906 earthquake hits, everyone's faith will be put to the test.

In Echoes of Mercy, Meg Wagstaff challenges the racial barriers of 1920s New Orleans in order to prove that her childhood friend did not commit murder. The stubborn lawyer prosecuting the case, Gabriel St. Clair, is an authentic Southern gentleman who makes the mistake of underestimating Meg, both her tenacity and her charm. Despite their many differences, sparks begin to fly. But when Meg discovers the truth, will Gabe be able to protect her from those who can't afford to have justice prevail?

Website: http://www.lyncote.com

Love Unchosen: A Novel

By Tracee Garner

ISBN-10: 1434320715

The Watts sisters have spent most of the lives focused on their careers-until big sister Geena launches her own design company, Watts Your Style. Not only does she find success, but she finds true love with her client Dr. Justin Webster, a recovering alcoholic. After getting married and giving birth to her son, Geena looks to her sisters to help run her company and hopes in the process they, too, will find true love.

At her older sibling's request, middle sister Vashton returns to Virginia from North Carolina where she has run to escape the demons of her past and finds herself falling head over heels for Romeyo Payton, her ex-best friend's brother-in-law who is raising his nephew.

At her sisters' urging, baby girl, Ellie, relocates her virtual job as a professional organizer to help out as well. When rude client Husten Montgomery comes in with his bratty daughter, Ellie is determined to ignore her attraction and stay as far away as possible from the handsome man to avoid reminders of the loss of her own daughter. Despite their close bond and their drive, each sister comes to realize true love is the greatest gift of all.

Website: http://www.teegarner.com



By Koko Brown

Ellora's Cave

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?

Unfortunately, this isn't the case for recently married Chloe Walker, who believes she's left behind the biggest mistake she's ever made in her life in Sin City, her husband Tristan. Who although a walking Adonis is nuttier than her grandma Violet's fruitcake because he thinks he's a flesh and blood vampire!

However, after returning home, Chloe discovers that Tristan might not have been the loony tune she first assumed him to be. But while she must come to terms with the strange new changes in her life, she must also fend off an irresistible husband, who despite her weight insecurities is hell bent on winning her back.

But, happily ever after isn't so easy for the two when Chloe learns that Tristan hasn't exactly played the game of love & war fairly

Website: http://cocobuttr72.googlepages.com/


Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope

By Jenna Bush, photos by Mia Baxter

ISBN 0061379085

Ana's life is a collection of bits and pieces of her past. Infected with HIV at birth, she's unaware of many details of her early childhood and barely remembers her mother. Living with her strict grandmother, she learns how to keep secrets - secrets about her infection and about the abuse she endures at home. But after Ana falls in love and becomes pregnant at seventeen, she begins a journey of hope - a journey of protecting herself and others. She is living with HIV, not dying from it.

Jenna Bush tells of Ana's struggle to break free from the cycle of abuse, silence, and illness with passion and eloquence. But this is not just Ana's story. It is also the story of many children around the world who are marginalised, neglected and mistreated.

The Frugal Editor: Put your best book forward to avoid humiliation and ensure success

(How to Do It Frugally)
by Howard-Johnson Carolyn (Author)

Red Engine Press
ISBN-10: 0978515870

A nitty-gritty how-to book about editing. Howard-Johnson gives writers the information and tips they need to get their work ready for submission. It's practical and detailed.

About the Author
Carolyn Howard-Johnson is the award-winning author of the Frugal Book Promoter: How to do what your publisher won't, This is the Place, Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered and Tracings. She is co-editor of The Complete Writer's Journal. She was a publicist for a New York agency and an editorial assistant for Good Housekeeping magazine. She currently is an instructor for UCLA's writers' program.

My Life, Unscripted

By Tricia Garner

Thomas Nelson
ISBN-10: 1400310520

Using the metaphor of screenwriting, My Life, Unscripted explores relationships in every teenage girl's life-with herself, her friends and enemies, her parents, guys, and with God.Real-life scripts, screenwriting terms, and timely topics, make this an interesting read for teen girls as they delve into their own inner struggles and outward relationships. They'll also learn the importance of "scripting" their own responses BEFORE challenging life-situations arise, so they are able to think about, pray about, and consider how to face these situations before the scene begins. By contrasting real-life with TV or movies, teens discover they don't have to get caught up in the drama.


Face Time

by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN-10: 0373881436
ISBN-13: 978-0373881437

It's the scoop of a journalist's dreams!

New evidence in an old murder case could set a convicted woman free. Who better to crack the story than Boston's own version of Brenda Starr? Unfortunately, the prime source won't talk, the attorney general is trying to block the investigation, and the more Charlotte snoops around, the more people turn up dead!

An extended visit from her persnickety mother isn't helping. And Josh, the incredibly sexy new love of her life, may be the picture of perfection, but that includes a close-up of a prickly preteen who's not keen on sharing her daddy with Charlotte.

What's a star reporter to do? If anyone can pull it together it's Charlotte, but she'd better hurry, because someone wants her nose out of their news- for good.


Arms of a Stranger

by Giselle Carmichael


ISBN: 978-1-60043-020-6


Keithen Knight has gotten caught up in the cycle of making money and keeping track of it that he has lost sight of the important things in life.

Small Town Girl

Simone Ladner has been living an unfulfilled life in the fast paced city that never sleeps and has lost her way.

Brought together by the devastating hurricane that tore across the Gulf Coast region, these two people will unite in the rebuilding effort, and in the process discover the meaning of life, love, and happiness in the Arms of a Stranger.


Fire And Desire
by Monique Lamont

Publisher: Parker Publishing

ISBN-10: 1600430155
ISBN-13: 978-1600430152

What do you do when you find yourself caught in the revenge you have set for someone else?

Trevor Lewis a computer business owner has the contract of a lifetime at his door with the governor's old firm and flames of revenge in his heart he just cannot shake loose. Five years ago, a man stole something precious from Trevor. Finally, opportunity knocks giving Trevor a chance to settle the score with his old college nemesis, through the other man's fiancé. Tiffany Hatcher is a highly sought after party coordinator and the daughter of the governor. When she plans a secret bachelorette party in Las Vegas, too include a stripper name The Fireman. Things go from hot to scorching fast.

Tiffany is appalled at her own behavior when she awakens to find herself hung over, in a strange bed and married to the dancer from the night before--Trevor Lewis. Life can't get more complicated for Tiffany as she attempts to get a divorce, manage her father's career and run her own company. To make matters worse, every time her so-called husband shows up, it becomes harder for her to resist the passionate desire she feels for him. She soon finds she can't hang on much longer, something has got to give.

Trevor, her elusive and mysterious husband is determined it will not be him. As he pushes Tiffany toward accepting his love, her own sensuality and learning to live life outside of her father's shadow, he discovers that she is not the only one caught in a tangled web of emotions. But can Trevor decide to walk away from his revenge in hopes of having a future with the woman he loves.

Fall in love.


By Monica Frazier Anderson

TyMAC Books

ISBN-10: 097863781X

Deep in the heart of Jefferson, Texas lies the secret to the mysterious nightmares tormenting James Adams, a handsome, successful eye doctor. As the eldest of nine children, he has been the head of the family since the brutal murder of his womanizing father during his senior year of high school. He thought he put that day and his difficult childhood behind him when he left his hometown. Now, his siblings are grown and everyone is dysfunctional except James--he thinks--until chance reunites him with his sexy, high school sweetheart, Tracy. Along with Tracy, comes a host of problems. A scorned woman starts rumors about his sexuality because she doesn't believe he's really celibate. His mother begins dating a man he doesn't approve of and one of his brothers is arrested on serious charges. While James struggles to balance the demands of his family, work, and Tracy, the past comes knocking--threatening his future. Encouraged by his best friend, certified playa and cosmetics consultant, Ren Kinney, James steps into a risky mental maze of love and lies to discover what really happened the day his daddy died.

Website: http://www.drmoeanderson.com/bookaccused.htm

About the Author
Monica Frazier Anderson is a motivational speaker, humorist, and Doctor of Dental Surgery. She is the author of four books, including Essence Magazine bestseller, "When A Sistah's FED UP." She lives in Texas.

Finding Ms. Right

by: Lori Soard
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-070-1
(Electronic) ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-979-7 (Paperback)

Jenna McBay's bookstore is in financial difficulties. If she loses it, she also loses her parents' legacy and the opportunity to help her sisters through college. She needs help, and fast!
When Jenna's aunt dies and leaves her an ancient trunk of books, however, one title-How to Wed a Man of Means-seems to fit her situation perfectly.

Now, if she can only turn the head of handsome, ex-football hero Slade Walker, her situation might improve. But will the man of her dreams become romantically interested in her and think her the perfect stepmother for his infant daughter, or will the crazy advice from the old book keep Jenna and Slade from finding true and everlasting love?

Visit Lori: http://www.lorisoard.com/

When I'm With You
by LaConnie Taylor-Jones

Genesis Press
ISBN-10: 1585712507

A story about the damage caused when someone is in an abusive relationship, and what happens when the person suffering the abuse is too scared to tell their loved ones what's going on. It also showcases the difficulties one faces when learning to trust after having suffered the shame, embarrassment, and betrayal during the relationship, and the importance of being able to forgive and forget while moving forward with your life.
Website: http://www.laconnietaylorjones.com


Courtney's Collage

By Sherille Fisher & Barbara Joe-Williams

Amani Publishing
ISBN 097889376X

Courtney's a college student who finds herself pregnant by her sister's boyfriend. She's determined to rebuild her life and relationship with her youngest sibling, Majesta. That is until baby sister does the unthinkable.

Majesta has always been jealous of Courtney. Will she be able to forgive her older sister, or will she seek revenge?

Kimberly, the oldest sibling, is considered the peacemaker. Can she bring her feuding sisters back together again?

Jessica is struggling with her weight and maintaining her faltering marriage. What happens when she changes her body and her outlook on living?

Join Courtney on her journey as she travels through a collage of life-altering episodes that will leave you suspended in time. Filled with passion and emotions, this is a story of a woman who found the courage to love again.

About the Authors
Sherille Fisher has a short story published in the anthology titled, How I Met My Sweetheart. This is her first full length novel.

Barbara Joe-Williams has released three previous novels titled, Falling for Lies, Dancing with Temptation, and Forgive Us This Day. She's currently working on another novel.

Website: http://www.amanipublishing.net/


Cimmerian City
Rae Lindley

Publisher: Lavender Isis Press
ISBN-10: 0979367476
ISBN-13: 978-0979367472

Raven Blackheart is a Crow Nation/Egyptian college student awakening in a future where corporations rule the world and nobody is quite who they seem.

This futuristic thriller depicts a world where pharmaceuticals carry a veil of ghastly side effects and a third world war is brewing between two races

Website address: http://www.raelori.com


Not Your Average Life: The First of a Trilogy

by Dex

Just Dex Publishing
ISBN 0977820203

Meet Johnny Taylor, A southern pioneer from the early 1900's who believes women should stay bare-foot and pregnant, obey their husbands and avoid the work place. But also an abusive, father of nine, and a two time family loser with a dark dreadful skeleton past, who will kill to keep his secret from coming to the light.
Website: http://justdexpublishing.net/

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